Friday, January 21, 2011

No really, I do love skiing

I know I gripe a lot about learning how to ski and how awkward, degrading, and embarrassing it is when you spend the better part of the day on your ass with about 80 little kids zigzagging around you as you lie in an awkward position halfway down the slope.

And to tell you the truth, if my skiing experiences consisted solely of resort experiences, I might actually be serious about my griping.

But I'm not. Because my love of backcountry skiing makes it worthwhile.

Yes, I sometimes cry and/or hyperventilate halfway up an icy slope because I'm so afraid I'm going to tumble to my death or--at the very least--an uncomfortable landing.

Yes, I fall often. (I did a front flip the other day. It was impressive.)

Yes, I snowplow down just about everything.

And yes, I had to put my ski crampons on the other day when there was literally no ice around for miles.

But it doesn't matter.

When I slap my skins on my skis in the morning as the sun begins to make its way above the peaks looming above our little chateau, I'm filled with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, knowing that the day will probably be full of all sorts of useful lessons.

 Like this one:

How to do a front flip on skis: 

1. Gain a little bit of speed.
2. Go over a small bump that you were not anticipating.

3. Lean forward suddenly as small bump knocks you off balance.
4. Dig the front of your skis straight into the snow
5. Lurch headfirst into the snow

6. Do a somersault
7. Lie in the snow and wonder why you do this to yourself.
8. Imagine what your more sensible friends are doing. Probably drinking hot chocolate, eating popcorn, and watching Iron Chef on the Food Network.

9. Notice birds singing in the forest nearby.
10. Stare up at the sky and the mountains surrounding you.
11. Take a deep breath and feel grateful you're out there.

Sorry for the poor photo quality.
Forgot my camera cable so can't download any photos till I get home.
 Had to use my iPhone....


  1. Hi! Thanks for following me!I know exactly what you mean by this post and your cartoon made me smile.I have side slipped down many a mogul field and did one very spectacular flip mid tchuss once ( now I tschuss very slowly and have to pole a lot!)But the feeling of clipping on those skis and drinking in the gloriousness of the mountains is unbeatable.Sarah x

  2. You'll become a fantastic skier one day! Maybe it's like learning to drive stick. Just watch out for the snow ditches!

  3. Haha! I reckon I could give you a run for your money in the uncoordinated stakes!! Or would be able to if there was any snow around!! But of course it's midsummer down under here in OZ!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. I always enjoy reading about your ski adventures and I love your sketches :) Thanks for sharing your advices with us.