Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morocco Bound

British guy: Do you want to go to Morocco?

Me: Yes.

British guy: Ok.

And that's how we ended up booking tickets to go to Morocco for roughly two weeks.

We leave Monday, the 4th.

That's tomorrow. You were probably already aware of that because you are not calendar-challenged individuals.

For some reason we both thought our flight was on Tuesday. We realized yesterday that our flight is, in fact, on Monday. This still would have left plenty of time to pack and organize, but we decided to spend the weekend cycling around les Hautes-Alpes.

So now it's Sunday evening, and neither of us have packed. We have a hotel booked for two nights in Marrakech. We're staying 10 nights

This is the itinerary:

Day 1: Fly to Morocco. Read guide book on plane. Realize we didn't bring any of the right things. Vow to be more responsible travelers on the next trip. Arrive in Marrakech. Haul baggage around, argue with taxi driver about price from airport to city center, get lost looking for hotel. Hate Morocco. Finally find hotel. Get food. Love Morocco.

Day 2: Find mountain biking shop. Rent mountain bikes. Explore [insert the very interesting things we will read about in guide book on plane] in Marrakech.

Day 4-Day 9: Maybe do some mountain biking in the Atlas Mountains. Sleep in tent because it's cheaper than hotel. Maybe go up to the North and cross into Spain and then spend the next week month forever wandering around Spain. Or maybe head to the Coast. Or maybe just stay in the mountains. Or maybe go to Fez. Or maybe not. Eat delicious food. Try very hard not to get food poisoning, but realize that no trip is a trip without food poisoning. Sigh.

Day 10: Casablanca. Spend the entire day quoting Casablanca (the film) to British guy. Get thrown in fountain by British guy.

Day 11: Fly back to France. Unless we decide to go through Spain. Then see above.

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