Thursday, October 21, 2010

One of those annoying "vote for me" posts. I hate those.

So there's this contest, right? It's called "Blog Your Way Around the World." I really want to do it. Really, really want to do it. Per the contest requirements, I wrote a short essay about why people should vote for me. You can go here to vote for me or you can just enjoy the read. Either way. It's cool. Every time you vote for me a baby otter gets tickled. But if you don't want baby otters to be happy then that's your prerogative. I understand. But just FYI, this is what a baby otter looks like when it's getting tickled.  Do the right thing. 

Blog Your Way Around the World
By Nikki Hodgson   October 21, 2010
You should vote for me because I'm a famous travel writer. 

British guy (my traveling companion) said that I shouldn't exaggerate.


I'm an almost famous travel writer.

British guy said I'm still exaggerating. 

OK! I am a not-remotely-famous-at-all aspiring travel writer. But! I have other redeeming factors. 

Such as my amazing talent for getting myself into ridiculous situations. You know that friend that you keep around because she's always getting herself into some ridiculous scrape that is so unbelievably awkward that it's hilarious? Yeah. That's me. I'm that friend. 

Here are 5 titles from my blog ( to prove it: 
1. Alpe d'Huez: Why 21 turns is 21 too many
2. Toubkal: Why spontaneously signing up for a marathon is not a good idea
3. The Negev: Where there are --in fact-- no rabid coyotes
4. How Istanbul gave me an elevator complex
5. Camels: Not as cool as I thought

I also make people laugh. They're not usually laughing at the same time as I am, but these are exactly the sort of details that you should overlook. The question of whether it’s "at" or "with" me is really just a prepositional technicality. 

My last redeeming factor is that I have an Internet addiction. British guy feels that this is most decidedly not a redeeming factor. I disagree. My Internet addiction means that whether I'm running up North Africa's highest peak or not enjoying myself on a camel ride in Jordan, I always find a way to blog about it. And because I love to make people laugh, I'm always willing to make a spectacle of myself. If there's a story, I'm in. 

Also I run really fast. I know that this talent isn't really related to blogging, but it’s the thing I do best and I just want to make sure I put all my cards on the table for this one. Other talents include: eating, baking cookies, otter impersonations, showing up at the airport on time, and speaking German (and really bad French). I kayak too. And I'm really good at falling while skiing. 

I'm pretty sure that the above talents are what every travel writer needs to succeed. If you disagree it's probably because you haven't seen my otter impersonation.

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